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Sports Massage

Do you suffer with any of these?

Pain? Discomfort? An injury? Lack of flexibility? Limited range of motion? Tension? Stiffness? Stress? Anxiety?

Sports Massage can help to improve these.

The treatment you receive will be based on findings from a thorough assessment and evaluation. If appropriate, home care advice may be given to help aid your recovery or limit the likelihood of future occurrence.

Will it be painful?

There can be areas that are uncomfortable during treatment but true Sports Massage uses subtle manipulation to deeply release tension and mobilise the tissues.

Sports Injuries

Would you like to have a quicker recovery time and return to your chosen sport?

Sports Massage can help to provide pain relief, facilitate healing and reduce swelling. Scar tissue that develops as part of the healing process after an injury can cause pain and restricted movements. Massage can help to break down the scar tissue, resulting in pain reduction and restored movement.

Conditions such as strain, sprains, tennis elbow and shin splints can all be treated. Appropriate home care advice will also be given.

Exercise Rehabilitation

How will his help?

Exercises may be needed to increase strength in the injured muscles and in those surrounding it.

Why is this important?

The injury could have been due to over use, muscle weakness or imbalance. Exercises help aid full recovery and to help prevent reoccurrence.

What type of exercises will be recommended?

There may be resistance based exercise and/or stretching and mobility exercises. Don’t worry, there is no requirement to attend the gym as all exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home, using body weight or exercise equipment.

Therapeutic Massage

Do you want to have some time to relax and enhance your physical and emotional well-being? Massage can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increases serotonin and dopamine.

Why is this beneficial?

It makes you feel better. It can help with treating the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Suffers of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia also find relief from the relaxing benefits massage provides.

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